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Some Tips on How to Create a Focal Point

A basic understanding of the role of focal points in interior design is important. The moment a woman enters a room, she immediately gets an impression of that room. Where do the other elements in the room visually revolve? If a room does not have a focal point, it lacks order and coherence. Here are a few tips on how to create a focal point for your room.

Do Not Pack Them Tightly

Bookshelves, for example, take up a good amount of space on walls. It is so common to find a bookshelf that contains no amount of decor at all. Your bookshelf can work wonders for you just by adding some attractive decor on it. Many experienced interior designers advice the use of more diverse decor on covered storages and bookshelves. Keep unsightly items off your bookshelf and put them away in storage boxes in your attic. Use shiny, bright covers and attractive decor to make your bookshelf the natural focal point of the room. But remember not to cramp everything on the shelves. Leave spaces in between items. It is natural for a tightly packed shelf to create tension in the people who look at them.

Indoor Waterfalls

There are designers who can leave a wall bare and undecorated without any trouble. Having indoor waterfalls is a good and extravagant way to create a good focal point.

Draping Walls

The living room is a principal area that needs a focal point. Cover your windows with curtains. Install curtains that harmonize with the entire room. This is a good way to make a major focal point that is both attractive and functional. If you stick to minimalism, choosing fabric with character and depth might help. There are professional shops that can help you choose the right fabrics and designs.

The Importance of Lighting

It is amazing how having a focal point can make a room appear larger than it really is. Bright lights will defeat the purpose of having a properly designed focal point. The right amount of light is necessary for your focal point to remain the center of attraction. Spread the lights at different levels and with varying intensities in the entire room to diffuse its brightness all around. The lighting arrangement smoothens out the interplay between the focal point and all other surrounding decor. Insignificant items that serve as focal points may tend to be overlooked. Track lighting have the ability to lead the eyes of a viewer in the direction of a room’s focal point. Indoor waterfalls embedded into walls can create a very relaxing ambiance.

You can design you own focal point just by following these quick and simple tips. Contact the nearest interior designer in your locality and ask for professional advice on how to create a focal point.